2011 Free Agent Class


So you thought this year’s free agent class was less stellar than most years? Next year’s class seems to be even less so. To make matters worse, at least one of the gems of next year’s class, Joe Mauer, seems to be staying put. Pujols however is represented by Scott Boras, a man who is known not only as a tough negotiator, but also someone who will pull out all the stops in order to get his client (and thus himself) the most money.

Take for instance his negotiating tactic with the St. Louis Cardinals and Matt Holliday this off-season. He stated that keeping Pujols was contingent upon retaining Holliday. He in essence told the Cardinals that by signing Holliday they would essentially be signing two players, Pujols, as well as Holliday.

The fact that Pujols is represented by Boras makes it unlikely that he will exercise his option year for 2011 and will in fact enter the free agent class this coming off-season. And why not? He would be the crown jewel of the free agent class.

Boras represented players, regardless of what they say, almost always hit the open market. Boras is not an agent who gives home town discounts. In fact he thrives on in depth analysis of his clients with slickly presented statistical breakdowns that show a (skewed) players place in history. If the world of baseball ever becomes boring to Boras then a political career almost certainly beckons. Boras’ way with numbers might translate into a career crunching numbers for the government showing that the unemployment crisis is not as bad as originally thought to be.

A list of the possible 2011 free agents can be found at



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