Not so fast, says Mauer


New Sony coverboy for MLB The Show 10 ,Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins says not so fast to reports of a new 10-year contract extension. “I don’t know where that came from,” Mauer said in an interview Tuesday afternoon. “I was pretty shocked to hear that.”

Mauer went on to say, “I feel like a broken record. People want to know what’s going on and to find things out when they can. I keep saying, ‘I sound like a broken record right now,’ but it all happens when it needs to happen. You just have to try to let it happen. That’s what we’re doing.”

So what is happening in the Mauer corner and the Twins corner? Neither side is showing their hand right now. If talks break down the Twins could deal him at or before the trade deadline, or receive compensation if he leaves as a free agent.

I’m sure Justin Morneau speaks for all of his Twins teammates when he walked by and yelled, “14-year extension, 20 (million) a year!”

Management apparently remains optimistic that a deal can be reached soon, although neither side has publicly imposed a deadline to reach a deal.

“I’ll be happy when he does sign. He can buy me a beer. Probably two,” Gardenhire said with a laugh.

For more on the Twins Mauer’s experience with Sony’s MLB The Show 10, visit


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