Remembering the Tuba Man

Edward McMichael a.k.a. the Tuba Man was a Seattle icon who played outside of Seattle sporting events for many years. Many of my memories as a child revolve around the Tuba Man outside the Kingdome playing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” or “Louie Louie” as I was walking by. The Kingdome was kind of a second home to me in the summers of my teenage years. My friends and I went to about 20 games a year or so.

No one seems to mind the demise of the Kingdome, which was seen as a blister on the Seattle skyline. However, many a Seattle sports fan still mourn the loss of the Tuba Man.

To make matters worse, the 16-year-old who was responsible for McMichael’s death plead guilty and served only a three month sentence. The teen, who has not been named by the media because of his age, has not had his photo released by the Seattle Police Department either. The teen is now wanted for second-degree robbery of a 17-year-old outside of the Garfield Teen Life Center on 23rd Avenue in Seattle.

The teen was 15-years-old when the McMichael attack took place. McMichael died about a month later in Nov. 2008 from brain injuries suffered in the attack.

Washington’s laws are flawed and too lenient. How does a teenage suspect (or anyone convicted of violent crime) brutally attack a man, serve only three months and then have the opportunity to attack again?


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