MLB Player Buzz

So what player is getting the most buzz this year? Atlanta Braves 20-year-old outfielder Jason Heyward is near the top of the list, as Hank Aaron has publicly said that “Heyward can help what ails baseball”.

But the player who is likely the most buzz worthy right now is Washington Nationals minor-leaguer Stephen Strasburg.

Strasburg is set to make his first minor league start of the season for the Class AA Harrisburg Senators.

Strasburg already has a rock star following and will have his first start televised by ESPNews. Every time a young pitching prospect is ticketed for a great career it gives me pause. I can’t help but consider names such as Todd Van Poppel, Ryan Anderson who was dubbed as the “Little Unit” because he was, like Randy Johnson 6’10” and threw a sizzling fastball.

With that, I beg the Washington front office to exercise some restraint when dealing with Strasburg. Let him mature. Give him two or three years, don’t pressure the kid, and please… don’t rush him along.


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