Milton Bradley-Flippin’ the bird (pic here)

Milton Bradley of the Seattle Mariners is already in mid-season form. In one week Bradley has shattered a bat after striking out and flipped off fans in Texas. Bradley’s love affair with the city of Seattle ended before it officially began; Seattle played their home opener at Safeco Field last night.


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2 Responses to Milton Bradley-Flippin’ the bird (pic here)

  1. SK says:

    I am sure MLB frowns on it, but who hasn’t needed to flip the bird every now and again?

  2. sullyrb1979 says:

    Thank you for reading SK. Who hasn’t flipped the bird a time or two? The best part is that it comes with instant gratification. However, Milton Bradley has a history of using obscene gestures throughout an 11-year Major League career. Normally not a big deal, but professional leagues have been increasingly harsh on players, coaches and owners the past few years. Owner Bud Adams of the Tennessee Titans flipped a double bird during the NFL playoffs last season and had a huge fine from the NFL. We are all human and have said things inappropriate or used obscene gestures, however, those involved in professional sports have to remember the cost of living in the public eye and constant media scrutiny.

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