Larry LaRue: Mariners, Griffey soon to part ways?

It wasn’t that long ago that Ken Griffey Jr. got a hero’s welcome in his return to the Seattle Mariners and was invited to raise the 12th Man flag before a Seattle Seahawks game. Oh how the mighty has fallen in Seattle… again!

This story has no juice to it. Ken Griffey Jr. will most likely finish out the season with the Seattle Mariners and call it a career at the end of the year. Larry LaRue of the Tacoma News Tribune said in his blog Mariners Insider that the team will ask Griffey to retire in the next few weeks or he will be released.

It is an unwritten rule in baseball that you don’t talk behind a players back through the media. Two unnamed Mariners players told LaRue they saw Griffey napping in the Mariners clubhouse. They did not try to wake him up. Current and former teammates have said Junior has done this on his off-days for a long time because of a sleeping disorder.

LaRue should have exercised better professional judgement than to run a story of that nature. Follow the Facebook page Call for Larry LaRue of the Tacoma News Tribune to Resign.

I would respect LaRue more, if he were to come out and say that because Griffey is struggling, the Mariners should think of asking him to retire or release him. He would not be popular for saying that, so instead he decided to quote two young, unnamed Mariners players who said that they found him napping in the clubhouse, a well established fact, but never an issue in the past. I guess his thinking is that then the fans would be all for it? It seems to be working well. The majority of comments on the blog and other Seattle media outlets seem to favor the release of Junior.

You deserved much better Junior. Thanks for the memories!


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