Tacoma News Tribune shoots down Griffey agent, credibility

Yesterday “Napgate” took an interesting turn with Ken Griffey Jr.’s agent Brian Goldberg throwing a lifeline to Larry LaRue and the staff of the Tacoma News Tribune. However, the T.N.T. staff wants to stand up and puff out their chests, a la Mike Sweeney. Darrine Beene, T.N.T. sports team leader denied the Goldberg report yesterday. John McGrath is in on the “deny, deny, deny” tactic now as well, with this headline: “Griffey has clairvoyant for agent”. From that, here is McGrath’s best impersonation of Sweeney:


“Personally? By Thursday morning, I wanted to let this topical storm take its natural course and dissipate into the yonder. I wanted the focus to return to the game on the field, and the ways (if any) the Mariners can prevent their descent into baseball-standings oblivion.”–John McGrath

I’d also like the opportunity to suggest Jeff’s Mariners blog: http://jeffsmariners.com


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